School Store

School Store

Hours 2017-1018

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays: The store will open immediately after assembly or adviser meeting, and close at 4:00.

Wednesdays: The store will be open from 7:45 - 2:30.

I will close each day during junior school lunch.

The store is closed on all days that Hopkins is closed, or days (like class trip days) when classes are not in session.

Please email me at for further assistance.

The School Store, located in Upper Heath Commons, carries a variety of Hopkins School branded clothing and gifts. Please browse the Online Store Catalog to see what is currently for sale. Twice during the school year, the store runs the Book Sale, where students purchase the required texts and books for their classes.

Used Book Information

The Hopkins Bookstore does not currently conduct a book buyback or sell used books at our booksale in August.  However, I am able to share a list of which books are being used again next year, as well as a list of Hopkins families who are selling their books.

List of 2 items.

  • If you would like to sell your used books...

    The first step is to check the official Hopkins Bookstore List of Used Books.  This is a list of any and all books Hopkins has used in the past that are being used again for the 2017-2018 academic year.  When applicable, I have included any relevant notes, for example, if your children are supposed to retain certain books, etc.  

    If you have any of the books on this list and would like to sell them, please send Tracy Bray an email including:
      •  the books you have
      •  Your preferred contact information: phone and email
      •  the condition of the books
      •  and if you would like, your asking price (the general rule of thumb for this process is to ask for ½ your original purchase price.  That way you recoup your money, and you pass on a significant savings to the next family).  

    I will post all this information on the list called “Hopkins Families Selling Used Books.”  Once you have sold a book, please notify me so I can remove your information from the list and you will stop receiving calls/emails.

    Please ONLY submit books on the official list!  There are several reasons books may not be listed.  The department may have chosen a new book or chosen not to use a book at all, the publisher may have updated the edition, or a department has policies in place that do not allow for used books (typically and English books, Modern language readers, lab books, and workbooks).  Some books come bundled with a workbook or digital access code, so while it is tempting to buy the used textbook, the other components may be missing, so it is necessary to purchase the bundle.
  • If you would like to buy used books...

    Check the “Hopkins Families Selling Used Books” list. If there is a book you would like to buy, contact the family directly using the contact info provided.

    Please be aware it is your responsibility to make sure the book you buy used is the correct one - it is worth checking the ISBN!  Some people simply make mistakes and might not realize they have an older edition that is no longer being used.  I rely on families to check these books when they send me their postings, but it is up to the buyer to make sure they are correct, no matter where they purchase!

    I am also in the early planning stages of dedicating a room at the August book sale for parents to drop off used books they may have, and for other families to be able to purchase directly (book sale purchases will be separate).  I will send clearer instructions for this later in August.
I hope this information helps all Hopkins families find some savings through selling or purchasing books from each other.  As widespread as our community is, I am glad to see families support each other!  Please contact me with any questions, and be on the lookout for your full book lists in August.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer!  

Tracy Bray


List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • I cannot come to the book sale - how can I get my child's books?

    There are several options to help with this situation.  One, you can let me know you are not able to attend, and I can set aside your child's books for you.  Once you are able to come to school, we can complete the purchase.  Two, you can let me know that you are having a friend pick up books for you.  I can have your child's books set aside, then your friend can purchase them and you can pay them back, or you can send in a signed check and we can fill out the amount and give them a receipt.  You can also give them credit card information, I would need the number, the expiration date, security code, and the billing zip code.  Finally, you or your child can come to the store once school begins and complete the purchase, there are plenty of students who do wait until school begins to get their books.
  • Is it okay to purchase used books, e-texts, or rent books from an online source?

    Yes, it is typically okay. There are some books that require a bundle or some digital aspect, I will note these on your book list, as they are typically not available from a 3rd party vendor.  If you aren't' sure, you should check with your teacher on the first day of classes.  In all cases, you should keep your receipts and know the return policy for the vendor you choose.

    Important - The only department that does not allow e-texts or books on Kindles or other e-readers is English. You are required to have the physical books, in new condition (no highlighting or underlining) for English courses.
  • I've searched for a book online (or had an older one from a sibling or friend) that seems to be the one needed, but the ISBN is different - can I use it?

    The answer is you can likely use it.   Often, publishers may reissue one of their textbooks with a new introduction or other minor change, but it will change the ISBN.  Odds are, your child will have no trouble using that book, but it doesn't hurt to verify with the teacher once class begins.
    Our faculty frequently request books that are bundled with an online access code of some kind, so the physical textbook may be identical to an older book, but the fact the online code comes with the purchase also changes the ISBN.  Again, your child should have no trouble keeping the textbook, and if the online code is used heavily in their class, we can usually have you purchase the code separately.  Feel free to send me the ISBN of the book you have or are looking to purchase, and I can help you verify if it is the correct book.
  • Why do we have to keep our register receipt?

    The register receipt gives me the price of each item you purchase, line by line.  If you need to return anything, I can see immediately that the item was purchased at Hopkins.  Our credit card receipts only list totals, so I cannot tell what items were purchased.  In order to process the return, I need to match the book returns to the individual prices listed.  We cannot offer refunds or exchanges on items not purchased at Hopkins, and the register receipt verifies your purchases, while the credit card receipt does not.
  • Does the school store allow billing or charges to any sort of student account?

    Unfortunately, we do not. We require payment at the time of purchase.  We appreciate your understanding!