Adam Kreiger Adventure Program


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • How much does it cost?

    Programs are priced differently and according to the length of day and needs of the organization. During the school year, we are able to provide lunch upon prearrangement for an additional fee. Please call our office for specific program fees.
  • What should we bring?

    As a general rule, especially in colder months, it's always better to bring more than you might need or dress in layers you can remove if necessary (jackets, gloves, hats, etc.). Keep in mind we are an outdoor program. Make sure to check the local New Haven weather before the day of your program for specific temperatures.  We ask that you wear comfortable clothes you can move around in as well as comfortable close-toed shoes that are conducive to your day outdoors in the woods. Please try and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day and sunscreen or bug spray as needed (especially in the summer months).
  • What if it rains?

    We operate rain or shine! Any decisions about rescheduling the program will be made by the Director at an agreed upon time prior to your program (usually the evening before).  As long as it is safe, we are prepared in all weather. Please bring whatever clothing or rain coat you need for the weather anticipated on your program day. 
  • How can we prepare for the day?

    After booking and confirming a date with our office, you will receive a packet of information by email.  Review all the necessary paperwork to ensure you have filled out everything.  Both sides of the Participant Waiver Form must be filled out COMPLETELY and signed (by a parent or guardian if the participant is under 18 years of age) in order for you to participate.
    Depending on the needs of your group, think about why you or the coordinator of your trip might have chosen to come to AKAP. How can you get the most out of this experience? How can you be open-minded to something new and challenging? What might you want to learn about yourself or your group members?
  • What if I am afraid of heights?

    To be fearful of heights is extremely common, justified, and understood by Challenge Course Practitioners across the field. It is important to remember that as a result of these fears, people are either more likely to think they are unable to do something, or they are less willing to attempt a task. Many of the activities in the Adventure Program are located at heights no more than 1-2 feet off the ground. We are more than willing to adjust the program activities so that they meet the needs of your specific group. Regardless, throughout your experience, we would ask that you keep in mind the 'Challenge by Choice' philosophy.
    Challenge by Choice (CBC) indicates that we will not force you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable to the point of misadventure. We want your experience with AKAP to be an enjoyable one. Keep in mind that each person has varying levels of what they see as challenging and your body is usually capable of a lot more than you might think. The CBC philosophy allows you to choose your level of challenge in each activity, while staying engaged in the group's task. 
  • How do I know I'll be safe?

    Given the nature of our activities, Facilitators and participants take increasingly more precautions as your level of challenge rises. It is important to remember the difference between perceived risk and actual risk. Generally, our perceived risk among some of the activities on the Challenge Course is much higher than the actual risk.
    The Challenge Course must pass annual inspections and meet the standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Additionally, equipment if physically inspected during our setup process for each program.
  • Where are you located?

    The Adam Kreiger Adventure Program sits on about 40 acres of undeveloped land owned by Hopkins School in New Haven, CT. We are 3 miles from downtown New Haven at 986 Forest Road. The Challenge Course is situated in the woods on campus adjacent to the athletic fields and just beyond the Forest Road parking lot.

    Here are directions to Hopkins School.
  • Where do we park?

    Parking arrangements will be made prior to your program date. Unfortunately, Hopkins can not accommodate many individual cars. It is strongly encouraged to carpool or arrive by bus. 

The Staff

With about 30 different Facilitators working with us during any given season, all the combined years of expertise reach well into the hundreds!  These valuable and talented staff come from all over Connecticut with varying backgrounds and degrees. 

What People are Saying

AKAP is a very worthy program. It's excellent for teambuilding, creative thinking and self-confidence.
- Hopkins Faculty Member

I saw otherwise anxious students attempt and be successful at activities they normally would not try. It is rewarding to see teens interact who don't usually speak to each other at school. I enjoy seeing teens learning to trust themselves, each other and adults. Kids do learn more through experience.
- Town of Woodbridge Employee

The day was great! The entire staff learned a lot and we developed a real sense of team. The activities were spot on for our goals for the day. All the Facilitators were friendly, funny, professional and kept the groups focused on the days priorities.
- Elm City College Prep Faculty Member

Thank you for such a great experience! Everyone had a chance to learn something new about themselves and the group. Thank you for being such enthusiastic Instructors!
- Yale Fox Fellows Program Coordinator

Great staff; well-planned activities that were organized and safe. This trip was excellent for teambuilding, communication and patience. The kids loved it!
- Momauguin School Faculty Member

The best part was when we supported each other and helped one another. I have never met such wonderful people like you!
- Elm City College Prep Student