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Club descriptions written by student heads.

Junior School Activities (7th & 8th grades)

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  • 3D Design and Printing

    Students will learn to design and create physical objects and then use the 3D printer to build them. This is a creative, collaborative, design-thinking and innovative activity.
  • Coding Club

    Coding Club teaches students how to make computer games, tell digitial stories or make Android Apps. All levels, from absolute beginners to experts, are welcome. The activitiy uses Scratch and MIT APP Inventor to create and collaborate, while learning some real coding tools.
  • Community Service

    The Community Service activity exposes students to a variety of service opportunities both on and off campus. The activity hopes to inspire participants and inform participants about various local and international needs, and effective ways to educate classmates, and encourages them to donate to worthy causes. Students will team up for a shared community service effort during the activity.
  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design will teach the students the basics of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Students will gain practical skills to use in other classes, and produce their own books, magazines or independent projects.
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind (required)

    The purpose of the HBHM program is to share information about health and well-being
    and address questions students may have about topics that may be important to their lives. This program is not just about their physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. Grade 7 addresses: communication styles, internet and personal interactions, stress reduction, sleep and its effect on learning and memory, hygiene, and nutrition. Grade 8 addresses: exercise and its benefits, stress and how it affects one’s health, body image, tobacco, alcohol and drug use and its effects.
  • Hilltopper (J School student newspaper)

    The Hilltopper is the Junior School newspaper that offers students an opportunity to report on school events and to experience the different aspects of creating and publishing journalistic articles. Students design and write their own pieces.
  • Improvisation / Public Speaking (8th grade only)

    The improvisation and public speaking activity helps students become comfortable speaking in front of a large group by discussing good public speaking habits, rehearsing fun improvisational games that incorporate those habits and performing them for the Junior School.
  • Junior School Chorus (Fall only)

    Junior School Chorus performs at the Winter Concert held in December, as well as at the Winter Assembly. All are welcome!
  • Junior School Play: Comedy Tonight (Spring only)

    The budding thespians of the Junior School will perform Comedy Tonight for the entire school community. Performances May 8 and 9.
  • Model United Nations

    This activity is designed for students who want to learn about and discuss international topics through the lens of the U.N. It culminates with the chance to participate in a "mock" U.N. session.
  • Robotics

    In Robotics, students will learn engineering skills needed to design, build and code a robot that can complete a set of tasks. Working in teams, students will assemble hardware and code their robot using Java  programming language. They will have an opportunity to design a custom add-on piece for their robot and then participate in an in-class challenge.
  • Scrapbook (JS photo book)

    The Scrapbook is the Junior School yearbook that offers students an opportunity to learn about photography, copy writing, and graphic design. The Scrapbook is published at the end of the year and records the J School in pictures that include adviser groups, sports, activities, and trips.
  • Seventh Grade Study Skills (required 7th Grade)

    The Seventh Grade Study Skills activity meets for three weeks in September, to introduce
    students to the academic community and culture here on the Hill. Topics covered include: time management, organization, study techniques, active learning, and learning styles.

Middle School and High School Clubs (9–12th grades)

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  • 1660 Ambassadors

    Creates an opportunity for students who have a passion for Hopkins to share that excitement with others in the Admission and Development Office.
  • A capella - Harmonaires

    Continue the legacy of Hopkins oldest and only all male a capella group.
  • A cappella - Spirens

    To sing a cappella music in a friendly setting with a group of 10-12 girls and to perform for the Hopkins community at various assemblies, the Winter and Spring Concerts and Spam Jam.
  • A cappella - Triple Trio

    To learn and perform a cappella arrangements, culminating in several performances throughout the year and the big Spam Jam concert at the end of the year.
  • A Novel Idea

  • Black Student Union (BSU)

    We desire to create an affinity space in which we can express ourselves fully. We can come together and celebrate who we are while appreciating the differences that exist even within this demographic.
  • Book Buddies

    To form groups that will volunteer their time to read with members at Star Inc. in Norwalk.
  • Campus Cribs

    To provide shelter to birds on campus, beautify Hopkins campus, and improve the woodworking skills of our members.
  • Chess Club

    To allow students to play chess for fun.
  • Chinese Culture Club

    To promote and celebrate Chinese culture.
  • Classics Club

    To spread wider knowledge and enjoyment of Classics.
  • Conservation Conversation

    To educate the Hopkins community on the urgency of action for climate change.
  • Cures for a Brighter Future

    To raise money-specifically through organized events such as the Closer to Free bike race for pediatric cancer research.
  • Dance Crew

    Here in Dance Crew, we want to share our love of dance without the pressure of competition. Our main goal is to have fun!
  • Daystar

    Campus literary/arts magazine that hosts meetings to discuss student work.
  • Debate Club

    To train and prepare students for six interscholastic debate tournaments and to host and organize a Hopkins debate.
  • Eagle and Child: Theological Discussion with a Christian Perspective

    To approach big theological and philosophical questions from a Christian perspective while weighing and discussing all viewpoints.
  • Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

    To help women in underprivileged countries start or maintain businesses through loans.
  • Entrepreneurship Club

    To teach our members how they can become entrepreneurs as high schoolers.
  • ERRO (Equal Rights, Respect, & Opportunities)

    To raise awareness for domestic and global gender issues and to encourage everyone to get involved.
  • First Serve Bridgeport

    To help raise money and awareness for a non-profit organization called First Serve Bridgeport that provides opportunities for kids in Bridgeport to play tennis.
  • Friendship Bracelets at Hopkins

    To give fun gifts to children that are going through treatment at the Yale-New Haven Hospital.
  • Geography Club

    To hold on-campus discussions about geography and to bolster students' knowledge of the subject.
  • Girls who code

  • Global Local (Glo Lo)

    GloLo focuses global issues through a local lens; currently, we are focused on the refugee crisis.
  • Hand-In Paw

    To provide relief for the isolated and emotionally malnourished rescued animals at Where The Love Is, a non-profit animal shelter based in Hamden.
  • Harmonies for Healing

    To share our music with the community in order to bring happiness to other's lives.
  • HDA - Hopkins Drama Association

    To facilitate the production of theatrical shows as well as generally support drama on campus as an extension of the Arts Department.
  • Hop Codes

    To create an environment in which students can experience computer science and coding even if they aren't taking a computer science course or can't fit it in their schedules.
  • Hop For Make-A-Wish

    To raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation Connecticut Branch and to spread awareness of children around the state who are being treated for terminal conditions and ways to help them.
  • Hop Ultimate Frisbee Club

    To bring together a group of likeminded Hopkins students of all grades and ability levels who are ready to come together to play ultimate frisbee.
  • HopBakes

    To use our passion for baking to support local women and children shelters and charities.
  • Hopkins Cancer Awareness

    To increase Hopkins's awareness and active support of cancer.
  • Hopkins Chess Haven Alliance

    To assist Chess Haven, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. We intend to assist in their mission to teach, mentor, and help young chess players.
  • Hopkins DECA

    There are over 3,500 DECA high school chapters in the United States. By establishing this DECA chapter at Hopkins, students will be able to enhance their abilities in leadership, public speaking, communications, and the overall business world.
  • Hopkins for Humanity

    To raise awareness and money for Guria India.
  • Hopkins Hockey Club

    To introduce people to the sport of hockey in a fun and relaxed way.
  • Hopkins Humane Society

    To encourage all students interested in animal rights to unify and engage members of the community to discuss issues involving animal cruelty.
  • Hopkins Model Congress

    To prepare for and participate in annual Model Congress events.
  • Interact Club

    To participate in Rotary International and annual Rotary events such as RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award), the Next Generations Leadership Conference, and more.
  • Jewish Culture Club

    To provide a location where students can discuss and experience various aspects Jewish culture.
  • Maroon Key

    Support all service-based clubs and efforts; oversee annual programs & events at Hopkins.
  • Math Team

    Do math.
  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Model United Nations

    Train and prepare students to participate for four interscholastic competitions.
  • NACLO/Linguistics Club

    To teach others about the fun of linguistics by solving puzzles and to compete in the NACLO exam in January.
  • Noodleship

  • Pathfinder Hopkins School

    Offers academic skills development and preparation for and placement into college preparatory high school programs to high potential middle school students (grades 7 and 8) from New Haven public and parochial schools.
  • Peaches - Improv Club

    The Hopkins improvisational drama club provides a safe and stress-free environment for students to play improv games without the pressure of auditions or performing.
  • Pep Band

  • Power to Play

  • Project Reach

    To provide the students of the Foundation School in Milford with the opportunity to interact with students outside of their immediate community.
  • Protecting Animals Worldwide Society

    To protect all kinds of animals, from birds to sea turtles to African cats, from abuse and neglect by fundraising for animal welfare organizations worldwide and donating items to animal shelters in need; and to educate the community about the hard truths of the plight of animals around the world.
  • Random Acts of Kindness Club

    To create a happier Hopkins community.
  • Reading Haven

    To remove barriers to literacy and inspire a love of reading for kids in the West Haven and New Haven area through reading to children and book donations.
  • Red Cross Club

    To organize campus blood drives.
  • Robotics Team

    Educate Hopkins students about the fundamentals of robotics and engineering through hands-on building and programming robots for competitions. Click here to visit the Robotics Team website. 
  • SAGA - Sexuality and Gender Advocates

    Promote sexual and gender equality across the Hopkins campus.
  • SAX - Students Against Xenophobia

    To promote awareness at Hopkins Community about facts regarding xenophobia and advocate against any form of bigotry as a result of xenophobia. Learn more on their website...
  • Science Olympiad

    Train for, and compete in, the Connecticut Science Olympiad in March.
  • Self Defense and Self Awareness

    To share the jiu-jistsu art form and basic principles of self-defense and awareness of one's body and surroundings with the Hopkins community.

    SHOUTTE means: Screen Host Outreach to understand and Talk about Trafficking and Education, and as a club we work do discuss gender equality on Hopkins Campus and the globe at large.
  • Sign Language Club

    Teach Sign Language.
  • SMART Team

    To focus our efforts around learning more about a protein, bonded by a love of science, curiosity and learning.
  • Squash Club

    Our mission is to teach and show people the benefits of squash, while strengthening the squash program at Hopkins. At the same time, we try to spread the popularity of squash.
  • STEM Journal

    To produce a student run magazine or journal solely focused on the sciences.
  • Student Council

    To bridge the gap between students and faculty and to make Hopkins a better place for ourselves and for future generations.
  • Student Productions

    Provide alternative and student-led theater opportunities for the Hopkins community.
  • SURE - Students United for Racial Equality

    To promote racial equality and diversity within the Hopkins community, and to encourage students to promote racial equality/diversity and respect amongst their peers.
  • Sustainability Committee

    Make Hopkins a "green" school by promoting awareness and behavior modification.
  • Tabletop RPG (Role Playing Game) Club

    To provide a weekly meeting for Tabletop Role Playing Games (such as D&D) for the Hopkins community.
  • The Hopkins Climbing Club

    To foster a love of climbing in the Hopkins community.
  • The Razor - student newspaper

    To provide the Hopkins community with an informative, relevant, and polished monthly newspaper.
  • Tour Guides

    To provide prospective students with a well-informed, student-led tour of campus.
  • Water for the World

    To raise funds for and educate our peers (and local community) about developing countries in need of clean and accessible water by working in collaboration with foundations that bring water and water wells to those areas.
  • Weight Lifting and Fitness

    To promote a healthy lifestyle amongst Hopkins students. Students will be taught proper nutritional facts, exercise habits, and more ways to stay healthy for the rest of their lives.
  • Yearbook - Per Annos

    Create the Hopkins Yearbook.
  • Young Democrats

    Foster discussion about politics while volunteering to help elect democrats into public office.
  • Young Republicans

    Bring about discussion of varied political parties and the true meaning behind their mission.