Prize Day 2024

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Hopkins held its annual Prize Day celebration on Thursday morning, June 6, under the big tent on Pratt Field. The community gathered for the last time this school year as students from all grades were awarded prizes for their achievements. The event culminated in the reveal of the Class of 2024 banner. This year’s banner was created by student artists in Derek Byron’s Studio Art 3 Class along with the input of a senior steering committee. Thank you to seniors Ava Maccaro, Alix Rawald, Katherine Tombaugh, and junior Rosa Bilston for their hard work and beautiful artistry. Themed with a Hopkins twist on classic "Peanuts" characters, this unique banner will brighten Heath Commons next year, and the reunion tent when the class of 2024 returns for Alumni Weekend every five years.
Please see the list of prize winners below the video, some of which were awarded on June 6 and others on May 24 at the Yearbook and Awards Assembly. Watch a video of the full presentation below.

Prize Day | 2024 from Hopkins School on Vimeo.

Prizes and Awards 2023 – 2024
Presented on May 24 and June 6, 2024
Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar – Vittorio Montresoro
Norman L. Stone Award – Preston Parker
Donald Ferguson Award – Brandon Kumpf
Donald Ferguson Award – Ava Maccaro
F. Allen Sherk Award – Kian Ahmadi
John A. Wilkinson Award – Lin Yan
Michael J. Theobald Prize – Connor Tomasulo
Gerald F. Stevens Memorial Scholarship – Alan Toby Scheps
Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar – Kyle Zhang
George Blakeman Lovell Award – Daniela Delgado
Andrew Rossetti Prize – Lucas Llovera
Harvard Book Prize – Kathleen Driscoll
Smith Book Award – Eleanor Lee
Yale Book Award – Munib Kassem
Ellen Patterson Brown ’62 DPH Award – Logan Matthews
The University of Chicago Book Award – Benjamin Porosoff
St. Lawrence University Book Award – Christina Cao
William and Mary Leadership Award – Julia DiMiceli
Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar – Nia McKeithan
Stanley Daggett Award – Rania Das
Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar – Roselyn Shen
Stanley Daggett Award – Laila Rivera-Good
Lydia von Wettberg Award – Lokesh Rajan
Simeon E. Baldwin Leadership Award – Ravi Camenga
Kristin Ridinger Taurchini Award – Greta Lee
Lydia von Wettberg Award – Murphy McManus
Simeon E. Baldwin Leadership Award – Nathaniel D’Amato
Paul W. Schueler Prize for the Visual Arts – Katherine Tombaugh, Grade 12
Drama Award – Beyla Ridky, Grade 12
The Charles Ives Music Prize – Gabriel Fulton, Grade 12
The JoAnn Wich Choral Music Award – Elliana Welby, Grade 12
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award – Samuel Levchenko, Grade 12
Junior School Latin Prize – Michael Batsu, Grade 8
Clare McNamee Latin Prize – James Maroney, Grade 12
Major James Dudley Dewell Letter Writing Prize – Isha Seth, Grade 8
Baldwin Prize Essay, Middle School – Angela Rain Zeng, Grade 10
Baldwin Prize Essay, Senior School – Sarah Galvani-Townsend, Grade 11
John B. Smith Prize for Excellence in English in Grade 8 – Lora Kenyon
Brown University Book Award – Alexander Skula, Grade 11
Elizabeth Tate Prize for Excellence in English in Grade 11 – Elissa Matthews
Elsie Church Award for English and Dramatics – Zachary Haywood, Grade 12
Elizabeth Lewis Day Prize for Excellence in Imaginative Writing – Lin Yan, Grade 12
Helen Hope Barton Prize for Excellence in English in Grade 12 – Rose Robertson
George Gillespie Prize for Excellence in Literary Scholarship – Florence Polak, Grade 12
The Susan E. Feinberg Prize for Excellence in Critical Thinking Through the Written Word – Amir McFerren, Grade 12
The Karen Lee Pritzker Prize for Creative Writing – Yuki Heeger, Grade 11
Kenneth Hopkins Rood History Prize – Henry Russell, Grade 8
Julia B. Thomas History Prize – Abigail Rakotomavo, Grade 10
DeLaney Kiphuth Prize in History – Theodore Witt, Grade 12
Gerald F. Stevens Award – Angelina Li, Grade 12
Margaret Wright Junior School Math Prize – Arjun DiLuna, Grade 8
Paul Fossett Middle School Math Prize – Ruby Myers, Grade 10
Clayton Hall Mathematics Prize – Vedant Aryan, Grade 12
John M. Heath Mathematics Prize – Jonathan Brooks, Grade 12
Edward R. DeNoyon French Prize – Daya Baum, Grade 12
Denise M. Katz French Prize – Andrew Constantine, Grade 12
The Spanish Literature Prize – Lucas Samuelson, Grade 12
The Spanish Letters Prize – Benjamin Novemsky, Grade 11
The Yan Phou Lee Chinese Prize – Vittorio Montresoro, Grade 12
The Italian Letters Prize – Giovanna Parnoff, Grade 12
Aracy Belcher Biology Prize – Aubry Grant, Grade 9
Harold Shelton Kirby Science Prize – Bodhan Chiravuri, Grade 10
Rensselaer Medal – Nathaniel Huang, Grade 11
Josiah Willard Gibbs Prize – Ishani Vallabhajosyula, Grade 12
Dorrance Award – Matthew Woolbert, Grade 12
The Hopkins Award – Amelia Clark, Grade 12
Robert Wyant Memorial Award – Andrew Toft, Grade 12
Jerri Trulock DPH Sportsmanship Award – Hanna Jennings, Grade 12
William DeGennaro Outstanding Male Athlete Award – Benjamin Simon, Grade 12
Outstanding Female Athlete Award – Kiersten Brennan, Grade 12
John A. Doughan Award – Nia Lampley, Grade 12
Jordan William Sebastian Award – Daya Baum, Grade 12
Jordan William Sebastian Award – Matias Vece, Grade 12
Walter Camp Award (Junior School) – Julien Turner, Grade 8
DPH Sportsmanship Award (Junior School) – Luannie Wang, Grade 8
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