Alumni Weekend 2024: May 31 & June 1

Faculty & Staff

Former Faculty & Staff

Don Bagnall
Steve Clark
Bill Ewen
Donna Falcone Fasano '68
Susan Feinberg
David McCord

Faculty & Staff Attending

Joe Addison
John Anderson
Mike Calderone
Erika Chapin
Steve Clark
Kellie Cox
Kevin Cronin
Brad Czepiel 
Angeles de Castro
Rocco DeMaio
Danielle Fergus
Hughes Fitzgerald
Matt Glendinning
Becky Harper '07
Lars Jorgensen '82
Sarah Leite
Dan Junkins
Angelina Massoia
Keri Matthews '94
David McCord
Mike McManus
Jennifer O'Neill
Kaitlyn Paradis
Nathaniel Peters '14
Kim Portis
Lisa Proulx
Lauren Reichart
Brad Ridky
Jen Stauffer
Phil Stewart
John Roberts
Jen Stauffer
Ben Taylor
Scott Wich '89
Peter Ziou
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      in CT, 2024

Hopkins is a private middle school and high school for grades 7-12. Located on a campus overlooking New Haven, CT, the School takes pride in its intellectually curious students as well as its dedicated faculty and staff.