Job Shadow Program

About the Job Shadow Program

The Hopkins Job Shadow Program provides a ​unique opportunity for rising seniors to have real-world experiences in a particular field of interest. ​Alumni, regardless of age, career stage, or job category, sign up as hosts in March. Students apply in May of their junior year, and are asked to select their top three alumni choices for a one-day “​job ​shadow” between June and August.

​The Job Shadow Program has been invaluable in helping to guide student​s​ as they embark on their post-secondary education experience and eventual career path.​ The Job Shadow Committee has filled student requests for visits with veterinarians, physicians and surgeons, aerospace engineers, architects, investment managers, attorneys and judges, ​theater ​directors ​​and television ​producers, educators, marketing and public relations ​specialists, journalists and many more. In addition to sharing the day’s experience​​, students ​will ​have a unique opportunity to talk with their hosts about future training programs and career directions​. The program also provides an opportunity for students to begin to expand their own personal networks and to understand the vast Alumni network available to them beyond the Hill.

Seeking Alumni Hosts

Alumni of all ages, at any career stage and in all professions, are encouraged to sign up to spend the part of a day with a current Hopkins junior who is eager to learn about what you do. Your participation will be invaluable in helping to guide a student as he or she begins to make important choices about their post-secondary education and eventual career path.

If you are interested in becoming a Job Shadow Host, please click the button above to fill out a short form indicating your availability and type of work. Matches will be made in late May.

Why: The goal of the program is to provide Hopkins students a chance to explore career opportunities through hands-on experiences, in a real work environment, while making a connection to another member of the Hopkins community. Hosts not only have the opportunity to engage with current students on the Hill through the exchange but also have the chance to share experiences and pass along valuable lessons to someone interested in their area of expertise.

Where: The job shadow happens where you work! Hosts in the local/New Haven area are always needed but we have also had successful job shadows in the northeast and mid-Atlantic as far south as Washington, D.C. We welcome volunteer hosts from all over the U.S., and will do our best to facilitate geographic and interest matches to the extent that we can.

When: Job shadows typically happen in the summer months (June – August), during the week (Monday-Friday). The specific timing of the shadow and related logistics are arranged by the Job Shadow host and the student, with facilitation if needed from Alumni Office staff.

FAQ's for Alumni

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  • Who can participate in the job shadow program? Are there geographic or age limitations?

    We invite all alumni to sign up to host a job shadow participant, and ask only that they commit to providing an enriching experience through which a student could learn more about a chosen profession or path. There are no restrictions on age, career stage, or job category. Indeed, it is as valuable for job shadow participants to see what the professional world looks like from the vantage point of someone with one to two years of experience as it is to view the day-to-day of someone who is further along in their career trajectory.

    Typically, job shadows take place in the northeast but alumni from all geographic areas are encouraged to apply. We will do our best to match students and hosts by interests and will do our best to ensure that students can access relevant shadow opportunities when offered.
  • What does a typical shadow day look like? Do I have to spend the whole day with the student?

    Typical shadow days last the entire day but can be reduced to a half day or other timeframe based on the specifics of your work environment and your availability. The goal is to provide the job shadow participant with an understanding of a “day in the life” in your profession. As such, the structure of your shadow day might mirror what you would already be doing or it could be developed to showcase different aspects of your work. In some cases, students have been asked to attend meetings or work on projects with their host while in other cases, job shadow participants have been afforded the opportunity to connect with multiple individuals within a host’s workplace in order to gain a broader understanding of a host’s organization.
  • Can I host more than one student at a time or over the course of the summer?

    Yes, in the past, job shadow hosts have hosted multiple students in the course of the summer and might also host more than one student during the same shadow day. Please indicate that you are willing to have multiple students on the host form.
  • What if I don’t work a typical “9 to 5” or in a corporate office environment?

    Hopkins graduates work in a wide variety of careers and organizations and we want to ensure that job shadow students have the opportunity to get an inside look at the full range of professions that will be available to them after they graduate so, job shadows are not restricted to conventional office environments.
  • If I have Hopkins friends in the same profession and geographic area, can we host a job shadow candidate together?

    While there are great benefits to a one-on-one shadow, we understand that it can sometimes be challenging to incorporate job hosting duties into your work day. Partnering with classmates or other Hopkins friends in similar fields and geographic areas is a great way to fit a job shadow into your schedule. Host-Student pairs might meet up for breakfast or lunch during the course of a job shadow day or might coordinate to participate in a shared meeting or activity.
  • What have students and hosts said about their job shadow experiences?

    Feedback on the job shadow program has been overwhelmingly positive. You can read more about the program and specific experiences by reading the below articles:
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