Welcome Parents

Welcome prospective and current Hopkins parents!

Hopkins parents play a crucial role in the educational lives of their children and in the success of the School. We hope that this website will be a valuable tool for the Hopkins parent community, a vehicle of frequent communication and collaboration between home and school. On this page, you will find highlights of the many resources and activities available to parents.

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The Parent Association supports the full range of the school's objectives by:
  • Encouraging & promoting volunteerism in all appropriate aspects of school life
  • Providing information and guidance to parents on issues related to school, adolescence, and parenting; support for students, faculty, and parents; and outreach to prospective students and parents
  • Promoting communication among and between parents, students, and the School, and providing input to the School on issues of concern to parents
  • Raising and allocating funds to help meet the needs of the School
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FAQ for Hopkins Families

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • May I continue to take individual music, dance, or art lessons and continue to practice an individual sport while I attend Hopkins?

    Yes, many of our students maintain their private instructional relationships with teachers or coaches in the arts or athletics. Many students continue athletic endeavors such as equestrian training or dance by taking advantage of Hopkins' liberal Independent Athletic Program.
  • What extra-curricular activities exist at Hopkins?

    A Hopkins education encourages students to pursue serious academic study in the framework of a comprehensive curriculum. Students are expected to participate in a vibrant athletic program to build healthy bodies and develop life skills. Students are also encouraged to participate fully in the arts: art, drama and music, student government, the newspaper and the yearbook, clubs and social activities, and the many off-campus community service opportunities such as tutoring, serving in a soup kitchen, volunteering in hospitals, etc.
  • How can parents become more involved in the life of the Hopkins community?

    Hopkins has an extremely active Parent Council organization to which all parents may belong. The Parent Council works to raise additional funds for the Annual Giving Campaign each year and to sponsor various programs for students and parents related to adolescent development, drug and alcohol awareness, and adolescent social needs. Each year, the Parent Council sponsors an after prom party after the spring prom.
  • What support services does Hopkins offer its students?

    One of the strengths of Hopkins is its ability to know students as individuals with particular academic and social needs. In general, the Hopkins student is an intelligent, hard-working student who is able to meet the various academic, social, and athletic demands of a day school. For students who would benefit from more personalized emotional or academic support services, Hopkins offers a school psychologist, peer tutoring, and an academic support program staffed with teachers from all academic disciplines.
  • What is the Adam Kreiger Adventure Program?

    Offering an outdoor facility that includes over 30 high and low elements on our state-of-the-art ropes course, the Adam Kreiger Adventure Program offers an adventure curriculum that promotes group solidarity and recognition of individual potential. Named after a profound student who graduated in 1991, the program is located on the Hopkins campus and is offered to the student body through academics, athletic practices, and adviser groups, as well as to the greater New Haven community. Click here for more information about AKAP.
  • What off-campus study programs are open to Hopkins students?

    Some students wish to study at another institution during their Hopkins years. In recent years, Hopkins students have participated in term or yearlong courses of study through programs such as The Mountain School, Rocky Mountain Academy, City Term, Chewonki Foundation, and School Year Abroad in China, France, Italy, and Spain during the junior year.
  • What is Hopkins Summer School?

    Since 1901, Hopkins School has offered a summer program of small classes that offer advancement and remediation in almost every academic discipline for secondary school and elementary students. In recent years, the Summer School has also offered a variety of athletic activities in its sports camp.
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