About the Alumni/ae Association

The purpose of the Hopkins Alumni/ae Association is to:
  • Promote alumni/ae interest in and financial support of Hopkins School.
  • Attend and support reunions, fundraising events, and other activities designed to foster a closer relationship and understanding between the School and its alumni/ae.
  • Encourage and promote alumni/ae involvement in all relevant and appropriate aspects of the School.
  • Provide outreach to prospective students and parents.

Please notify the Alumni/ae Office know if you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors of the Hopkins Alumni/ae Association. For more information email

Read the Alumni/ae Association By-Laws

Alumni/ae gatherings, sponsored by the Alumni/ae Office and members of the Alumni/ae Association, provide a wonderful opportunity to bring alumni/ae from Hopkins and its precursor schools together. To date, alumni/ae living in and around Boston, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and on both coasts of Florida have been invited to these Hopkins events. Reunion, this year June 1-2, 2018, attracts the largest gathering of alumni/ae each year.

2017-2018 Alumni/ae Association Board

President: Kenneth M. Potash '88
Vice President: Erin M. Johnson '04
Secretary: Richard E. Fearon '84
Treasurer: Lori Iannotti Zyskowski ’89
Trustee Representative: Gregory R. Tanner '92
Parent Council Representative: Tara Cook-Littman '93
Alumni/ae Fund Chair: Ashley Reidy '10

Adam Anderson ’91
Adjoa N. Botwe-Asamoah ’94
Thomas E. Armstrong ’03
Eleanor C. Babbitt ’76
Sharland Blanchard ’83
Richard W. Bowerman ’64
Corey M. Briskin ’06
Gail Brundage ’76
Fallon Daniels ’02
Elizabeth Fasano Ditman ’94
Thomas M. Fahy ’88
Stephen P. Falcigno ’78
Constance E. Frontis ’67
Peter M. Gallo ’02
Eamon Griffin ’98
Marcella Hourihane '85
Andrew C. Huszar ’91
Lucas R. Kelly-Clyne ’06
Kimberly J. Lewis ’04
Marice Dorsey McNeil '85
Charles W. Moakley ’63
Christopher Pagliarella '08
Kevin C. Piscitelli ’81
Jeremy B. Rosner ’94
Katherine Smith ’08
Eric M. Tichy ’95
Bryan N. Warner ’03
Nathaniel Zelinsky ’09
Emeriti/ae Board Members
Bethany Schowalter Appleby ’85
Ronald P. Delfini ’84
W. Bruce DelMonico ’87
Bruce D. Jacobs ’69
Paul B. Schatz ’84
Diane Kolligian Shannon ’77
Brian S. Smith ’70
Matt Greene ’86